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AI to synthesize data, train and deploy dialogue systems with minimum cost

1. Define your app needs in plain old English

Our Story

We are a group of computer scientists with over 25 years of researching and building AI and ML systems in top universities and companies  

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable everyone to be able to be able to participate in AI, not just the well capitalized players.


We combine several frontier technologies including Foundational Models, Synthetic data, Digital Twins, and ML. 

Who are we

How it works


We use your description to intelligently generate synthetic data that is aligned to the application and user definitions you provided. 


Finally, when you are ready you can deploy the trained and tested dialogue model on our managed infrastructure or download the model.


You define your application needs, in a conversational manner

Train and Test

Once we've synthesized the data you can either download the data or distill, fine-tune and test your own LLM with dialogue capabilities for your application.

How it works
The Business Times

"The smartest AI
in the market"

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Request demo

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